Universal Crypto Wallet Affiliation Disclosure

Universal Crypto Wallet is a cryptocurrencies product and service Referral Company who is promoting Regal Wallets, the cryptocurrency investment and storage arm of Regal Assets DMCC, due to their meeting our standards for customer service excellence and high client satisfaction in the cryptocurrency market.

All affiliates, agents and partners, such as Universal Crypto Wallet, are compensated for referrals. All affiliates, agents and partners are independent from Regal Assets and are not authorized to give a purchase price for their Regal Wallet cryptocurrency products and services. For more information, please review Regal Assets’ Risk Disclosures below.

Regal Assets Risk Disclosures

Regal Assets, LLC specializes in helping individuals and institutional investors assume positions in physical precious metals and, via Regal Wallet, cryptocurrencies. If you as an individual, do not have an existing retirement account Regal Wallet can help you procure cryptocurrency positions for your personal investment portfolio and have them securely cold stored in the Dubai DMCC vault, which is the 5th most secure vault in the world. They are constantly updating their website with information to help first time investors into crypto by providing up to the minute information on the products and services that Regal Wallet sells.

Regal Wallet’s parent company Regal Assets is a proud member of their local BBB (Better Business Bureau) and have received an A+ rating; the highest rating a company can obtain from the Better Business Bureau. With a 5 star out of 5 star customer service reviews, Regal Assets has earned a preferred membership status with TrustLink. Regal Assets is proud to be ranked by Inc. Magazine as No. 20 in the United States for financial services. This honor has landed Regal Assets on the Inc. Magazine 500 List, an exclusive ranking of the United States’ fastest-growing private companies.

Regal Assets has been featured in Smart Money, Forbes, Market Watch, Reuters, The Street, Hollywood Reporter and has worked exclusively as the precious metal expert and precious metal supplier for International Business Times, a global business news leader with 16 offices globally and over 11 million monthly readers.

Regal Assets considers itself to be an “industry leader” in the precious metals market, buying and selling precious metals on a daily basis creating a “two way” market for their clients. They pride themselves on their 5 star customer service experience and are proud to say they hold a 99.9% customer satisfaction with their existing clientele base. This experience puts them in an excellent position to service your cryptocurrency investment and cold storage needs.

Their customer satisfaction rating has been verified and reviewed by a 3rd party company who conducted a 2 week verification process on all of Regal Assets’ clients who have given them a testimonial. The verification process included calling some of their clients personally and speaking to them on the phone. As such, we at Universal Crypto Wallet are confident that Regal Assets’ Regal Wallet service will be your number one choice for procuring and storing cryptocurrency for your investment portfolio.

Anti-Money Laundering

Regal Assets has an anti-money laundering program in place that prevents unlawful activities that facilitates the funding of terrorist or criminal activities. Regal Assets has an anti-money laundering program review every year by an independent 3rd party to update their current anti-money laundering plan and to ensure that every single Regal Assets employee is up to date and trained on all anti-money laundering practices.

Every year Regal Assets’ employees take an anti-money laundering test and are graded on their understanding of anti-money laundering laws and how to be in compliance with such laws.

The company’s high level of integrity in such matters is a major reason why Universal Crypto Wallet is proud to present Regal Assets DMCC as our offshore cryptocurrency wallet and investment dealer of choice to our international cryptocurrency wallet and investment audience.


Along with crypto opportunities, Regal Assets offers a wide variety of options for potential clients looking to procure physical precious metals for their investment portfolio. These precious metals options each carry different benefits and risks, as well as varying fee margins associated with their acquisition.

Regal Assets believes that precious metals are essential in a well-diversified investment portfolio and generally recommend 10% to 15% allocation of physical precious metals in an investment portfolio. Universal Crypto Wallet shares this belief also.

Given the dire economic situation the United States is presently in, Regal Assets has seen clients moving larger portions of their investment portfolios into physical precious metals at a higher level than the recommended percentage. Regal Assets suggests that you consult with your certified financial advisor or significant other before making your final decision if you are moving a larger percentage of your investment portfolio into physical precious metals than is recommended. The same goes for crypto.

Holding Period

Physical precious metals should be considered a long-term investment as a part of a well-diversified portfolio. Regal Assets believes clients purchasing physical precious metals should be prepared to hold their investment for a minimum of three years to five years and ideally ten years or longer to maximize potential for gains.

In their opinion, clients should only purchase physical precious metals that can be held for their minimum recommended period. Physical precious metals, like all investments, carry capital risk and can experience volatility in price. Regal Assets cannot guarantee, and makes no representation that physical precious metals will appreciate at all or appreciate sufficiently to make client a profit.

Retirement Accounts

For all physical precious metal retirement accounts, Regal Assets will refer their clients to companies that provide trustee and custodian services to keep the transfer into precious metals tax free and without penalties.

Regal Assets has no affiliation and is completely independent from these companies.

Regal Assets only sells retirement clients physical precious metals from the United States government approved list of precious metals. Regal Assets has made every effort to comply with current federal laws in connection with precious metals that are placed in a retirement account.

Regal Assets and its agents are not registered or licensed by any government agencies and are not financial or tax advisors. This is also the case with Universal Crypto Wallet. For all tax related questions regarding your retirement account, you should consult with your tax advisor or certified public accountant.


As a courtesy to their clients, all precious metal and crypto purchases that are locked up and confirmed via telephone with a Regal Assets account executive that have not been funded can be canceled at any time.

Cancelation of a purchase is not subject to any type of fee or cost; all that Regal Assets asks is that in the future if their client is interested in procuring physical precious metals or crypto for their investment portfolio, that they keep Regal Assets in mind.

For the benefit of their client and the terms of this agreement Universal Crypto Wallet is presenting here for Regal Assets, the definition of an account not being funded is simply that Regal Assets has not received any type of funds whether it be bank wire, ACH, personal check and or cashier’s check for their clients said precious metals and/or crypto purchase.

Precious Metals Purchases

The purchase price for precious metals that Regal Assets’ clients are quoted on the telephone via an authorized Regal Assets account executive includes all spreads. The difference between their sell (also known as ask) and their buy (also known as bid) is referred to as their spread. Their spread currently ranges between 3% and 20% on all of their precious metal products.

Spreads vary significantly by type of precious metal, their client’s investment amount and over time based on supply and demand issues. For their client to make a profit, client must be able to sell the precious metals in the future for a price high enough to cover initial purchase price including the spread.

Spread may decrease or increase over time, and bids may change such that the total value of coins purchased may decrease or increase by more than the amount of the spread. Their client must understand that the precious metal market can be volatile and that precious metal prices may rise and fall over time.

Their client furthermore must understand that past performance is no guarantee of future performance and that assistance Regal Assets may offer in a purchase does not create a fiduciary relationship between Regal Assets and their client.

The decision to purchase precious metals, are the sole decision of Regal Assets’ client and purchases are made subject to their client’s own prudence and judgment. For more information on purchase, please refer to Regal Assets’ Shipping Agreement.


Regal Assets’ clients are considered an extension of their inventory and they ask that every client who wants to sell back precious metals purchased, give them the first opportunity to buyback said precious metals.

Their clients are the sole owner of precious metals purchased and in no way are they required to sell back to Regal Assets. All precious metals purchased through Regal Assets are allocated which means their client is the sole owner of the precious metals purchased.

The law prohibits Regal Assets from guaranteeing the buyback of precious metals. However, Regal Assets to this date has never refused the opportunity to buyback precious metals that their clients have purchased. When buying back precious metals Regal Assets will quote clients the highest buyback price of the particular trading day they are selling. There are no fees to liquidate precious metals with Regal Assets. All buyback prices are locked in place and guaranteed even if Regal Assets does not have possession of said precious metals.

It is their client’s responsibility to send precious metals to the vault of Regal Assets before buyback prices are paid out. Regal Assets reserves the right to re-adjust the buyback for precious metals if their client is not able to send precious metals to the vault of Regal Assets within 24 business hours of buyback price being in place.

Account Executives, Affiliates, Agents and Partners

Regal Assets pride themselves on every client having a 5 star customer service experience with them. Every single one of their account executives are trained and rewarded based on their client having a 5 star customer service experience.

Regal Assets’ clients are given the opportunity to review and rate their individual experience with their personal account executive though a 3rd party company TrustLink. Regal Assets has no affiliation and is completely independent from TrustLink. Their clients are free to post anything they want on their experience through TrustLink be it negative or positive and Regal Assets has no control over the content being posted.

All of Regal Assets’ account executives have been carefully hand-selected by the Regal Assets team and must have a minimum of five years of experience in the precious metals industry.

Furthermore, all account executives on the Regal Assets trade floor must have experience and a track-record of closing over $11 million in precious metal purchases per year. Regal Assets account executives are not licensed as investment advisors and, accordingly, do not make any recommendations regarding clients’ personal investment portfolios.

Regal Assets account executives are only authorized to sell Regal Assets precious metal and Regal Wallet cryptocurrency products. Their account executives are commissioned salespersons but are not compensated higher by selling one product over the other; meaning account executives make the same commission on precious metals purchased no matter what is purchased whether it be coins or bars.

Being a leader in the precious metals market has attracted the support and business of various affiliates, agents and partners throughout the world. These affiliates, agents and partners have all done their own independent research and due diligence on Regal Assets as a company.

After careful consideration these affiliates, agents and partners have decided to promote Regal Assets goods and services. For every successful referral and or purchase these affiliates, agents and partners generate for Regal Assets they are compensated. Compensation for said affiliates, agents and partners varies and is based upon their independent agreement with Regal Assets.

Universal Crypto Wallet has an independent agreement with Regal Assets in this regard, and you can be rest assured that Regal Assets would not be our currently exclusive fulfillment partner if they did not meet the strictest standards for excellent customer service and high client satisfaction.

Affiliates, agents and partners may own and operate successful websites, radio stations, e-mail lists and companies that help market and brand Regal Assets. Due to the success of relationships with affiliates, agents and partners Regal Assets has created a program that encourages and cultivates the membership of affiliates, agents and partners worldwide.

Regal Assets currently has relationships with affiliates, agents and partners in most developed countries and continents all over the world including but not limited to Canada, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, United Emirates, Europe and China. Regal Assets affiliates, agents and partners membership continues to grow and they are grateful for the support they receive worldwide. Regal Assets is completely independent from said partnerships and generally has no employment agreements with affiliates, agents and or partners.


Over at Regal Assets, they are all about you acquiring a sound understanding of precious metals and/or cryptos before you make your first purchase. Doing proper due diligence on the risks and rewards associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, the focus of Universal Crypto Wallet, takes a lot of time and dedication.

Upon doing your research and deciding to purchase and store cryptos, Regal Assets does not suggest committing more than 10% to 20% of your investment portfolio to cryptocurrencies. Universal Crypto Wallet shares this belief.

Having a well-diversified investment portfolio that meets your objectives for safety, liquidity and growth is critical. Be prepared to hold onto your alternative asset investments for a minimum of three years to five years to maximize the growth potential on your holdings.

If you are still in your research process, request Regal Wallets’ no obligation FREE offshore gold bullion investment guide and DVD from Universal Crypto Wallet.

They have carefully assembled this kit to provide clarity and understanding on investing and storing cryptocurrencies and they feel that it is a great starting point for cryptocurrency investors and your cryptocurrency advisor can also answer any questions that you have about precious metals as well.

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